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Tomorrow I am going out to buy me a FEDORA. That’s right, a damned FEDORA.

I want to wear one when I post to honor the marginalized men of society who get branded as gender terrorists (the abominable “Nice Guys”) because they dare to speak out about their feelings: i.e., being lonely. I want to be wearing a Fedora starting tomorrow, for the same reason women proudly wear the word “bitch”.

Just like I speak for the poor while not being poor, and for the homeless while not being homeless, I will join the fight for lonely men even though I’m married. It’s all because of one reason: nobody else gives a shit about these people. They’re marginalized and nobody gives a damn.

That, and I like the overwhelming odds. Why fight battles that half the world is united in arms to fight, when people who are just as much in need of being stood up for, are being ignored, or even unjustly dehumanized?

It’s time we started a Fedora Revolution. Not just for lonely nice guys, not just for men’s rights, but for all the marginalized and dehumanized people of the world.

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    You do know that the vast majority of the losers who wear fedoras are pro-feminist betamales, right? I hope you do.
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    Over a year later and this is still the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
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    Make sure you do get a fedora, and not just a trillby. Longer brim, not as tappered at the top. Snazzy.
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    What makes you think anyone wants some hag like you to touch them?
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    This is so epicly inspiring.
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    Its no longer cute how out of touch some MRAs are
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    The only people who wear fedoras are latinos in the 90s or butch lesbians… And michael jackson.
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    1. fat woman don’t actaully have a problem gaining romantic interest 2. it wouldnt be oppression if they did have a...
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    can we take the fedora back to the 1950’s
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    ommmmg fedora revolution sign me the fuck up
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